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April 15, 2012

Dear World

I am currently looking for team members to help leverage a new business venture that i have recently joined. There are normally start up fee’s to join this business, “From $250-$750.

But i am looking for team members to help me promote this product to earn commission based on every sale made within my online business centre.

If you currently have experience within marketing online products, Seo, Brand Management, or you are a product marketing guru, i would like to hear from you.

Just Follow the links to check out the opportunity and get back to me if you would be interested in helping me promote this product and make some serious cash.

Facts about Talk Fusion

  • 100% Legit – You pay no Fee’s – I will cover the monthly subscription fee for the talk fusion business centre.
  • You will Earn 100% of your lead generated income.
  • You Save $750 joining Fee
  • The Business package includes – Customized Video Email, Video Conferencing, Live BroadCasting, Fusion Wall which can publish a video to 200+ social networks with one click.
  • Lead Capture – Auto Responders
  • And Much more.

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Craig Jenkins –

Talk Fusion Marketing Executive

Talk Fusion Studio UTC

April 6, 2012

My Latest Venture! This is going to be insane…

Talk Fusion Studio UTC.

YourNetBiz Video Preview

December 1, 2010

OpenYourNetbiz Fresh Content!

December 1, 2010

Your net biz is currently being developed to the next stage. YourNetBiz 4.0! Brand new content available to members to create more streams of income! Its a great time to join. And me craig jenkins, the Open Your Net Biz Founder, will be looking for new members to join my rapidly growing team!

The YourNetBiz team are currently integrating a new method to duplicate this systems success by connecting the members to mini suite profits, which i believe is going to make an exceptional difference to the amount of interest and hype YourNetBiz is going to create!

Check out this exclusive new info by clicking the link!  Glimpse of this just for you guys!


Look out for the new Updates on my BLOG!

Seeyou soon, Craig Jenkins



Learn and Earn From Home with Craig Jenkins

July 6, 2010

Are You looking to learn the skills on how to become a success on the world wide web? Would you like too join a community of people who are immersed amongst the most successful and the most creative individuals on the internet today? Well you are not far away from finding exactly what you have been looking for. This is a free
Blog where you can find out golden information on how to earn an income online, but with a twist.

Like any business, to make an income from home over the Internet you need to acquire some skills, and with my business venture “YourNetBiz” you are supplied with all of the tools and support you need too earn a few pennies on the net.

The Internet is rife with home business scams. Here you can also learn what to look out for, before joining any get rich quick programs.

Please feel free too check out the links available here on my blog as i will only ever post quality and usefull information for all of you guys out there visiting my blog!

If you would like more information on the Home Business that works for me, check out my other website:

Or Drop me an Email at

God Bless!
Craig Jenkins
YourNetBiz Mentor

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Link Building to make your site more Popular!

February 16, 2010


Back Links and Inbound Link Building Strategy

Inbound Linking and Link Building

Building good quality Inbound Links is a great way to improve your sites visibility and ranking on the internet. Google decides how ‘important’ your website is by taking into account a number of factors, one of which is ‘how popular is your site?’.  This doesn’t mean how many visitors you receive, it means – how many people actually like your site enough to put a link from their site to yours (inbound link building).

There are many ways in which you can get links to your site, some are ethical and proper – others are not !  If you are promised hundreds of inbound links, practically overnight then I would steer clear.  Google will know that you’re trying to gain an unfair advantage over your competitors and it will penalise you for it.

The best way to get inbound link building to work is the proper way! get people to link to your site from theirs.  The second best method involves a lot of hard work(unless you’ve automated the process) which we can provide as an individual service on its own or incorporate it into an overall optimisation package.

An analogy for inbound link building and how Google judges it would be: To imagine your website as a shop.  You’ve just built it in the middle of a huge field(as big as the world) and it has no roads, paths or tracks leading to it or anywhere near it(no inbound links).  If someone else with a shop likes your shop they will create a path (a link) to your shop. If someone else with another shop decides they like your shop, then they will create a path(link) to your shop.  As this process increases, the paths become roads and then the roads become motorways.  Before you know it, you have a motorway right up to the door of your shop. Think of the traffic!!

Now, although this sounds simple enough, you don’t want people building roads or even motorways to your shop that come from ‘dodgey’ shops(link farms) somewhere else in the field. These roads don’t bring the type of visitors to your shop that are likely to buy from you, so although you may get tonnes of traffic it’s not the right kind traffic.

A great company who know all about this stuff GBMaps, fantastic source of info and tips and tricks, and they can do all of this for you, check out there site!